A website for people with a learning disability and health professionals

NHS Lanarkshire Adult Learning Disability Service developed this site so that people with a learning disability can get accessible health information in various formats. The website will hold the leaflets & booklets , DVD's and easy read letter templates which will aid health professionals to communicate effectively with their patients.

This will give people with a learning disability information in a more appropriate format to make an informed decision.

The information in the leaflets & booklets, DVD's and easy read letter templates are intended only as a guide to people with learning disabilities and health and social care professionals. We have taken the greatest care to ensure that the information on this site is of the best possible standard and greatest benefits to its users. Always consult your GP if you are concerned about your health.


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PhotoSymbols 3&4


Men’s Health:

Prostate  Examination





Testicular Self Examination 



Women’s Health:

Going for a Mammogram





Breast Self Examination



Going for a Cervical Smear



Going to Hospital:

Going to Hairmyres Hospital





Going to Wishaw General Hospital




Going to Monklands Hospital




Going to A & E





Having a Hysterectomy





Having a Mastectomy


Going for a Colposcopy



Having a Colectomy


Having a Prostatectomy


Having a ball (testicle) removed (Orchidectomy)



Going for a MRI Scan

(Magnetic Resonance Imaging)





Having a Biopsy



Going for a Colonoscopy



Having a CT Scan




Having a Ultrasound Scan




Going for an Endoscopy



Having a Laparoscopy



Having your temperature taken




Plaster Cast




Having an eye test in hospital




Having an injection




Having your blood taken




Having your blood pressure checked




Having a dressing/bandage/sling put on




Having an xray




Having a dressing put on




Treatments, Medicine & Health Matters

Having Chemotherapy Treatment










Internal Radiation Therapy


External Radiation Therapy




Bowel Screening

Bowel Screening






Taking Medicine






Keeping Healthy

Keeping Healthy







Going for a Health Check


Keeping Safe

Keeping Safe






Communication Aide

Total Communication Aide








For any further information please contact

Jean Howieson

Acute Liaison Nurse Practitioner

On 01698 855628


Karen Clarke

Primary Care Liaison Nurse Practice

On 01698 274477



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Thanks to Lanarkshire Ace group and Speak Out Advocacy for all their help with this project.

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Within the Total Communication Aide ©Makaton symbols and signs where used with permission from The Makaton Charity www.makaton.org

Most photos used in this book are photosymbols. Photosymbols is a photo image bank you can buy and use. Go to www.photosymbols.com

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