A website for people with a learning disability and health professionals

How To Use This Website

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    By clicking a section you want information on. For example click on womens health this will open information on women's health then click on information that you are looking for. Some have DVD's click on video to watch or click on words to see leaflet.

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    This site has easy read leaflets on health for men and women

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    You can print off leaflets for free, just click on download as leaflet.

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    The DVDs that you can watch that will show you what happens when you go for different health checks for men and women.

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    There is a section for health professionals, this section has letters that they can use to send out to patients that are easy read and let them know time, day and date of appointments

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    If you need larger text click on larger text size at top of page

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    You can search for what you want by typing in your word in the search box at the top of the page.

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