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Evidence of epileptic activity should be monitored, as there are two lifetime peaks where risk of developing seizures is greater for people with Down’s Syndrome. The first lifetime peak is in infancy and the second is in adulthood. Epileptic seizure activity is believed to be related to the onset and development of Alzheimer’s disease in adulthood.

Height & Weight

There are specific Down's Syndrome height and weight charts which should be uses to monitor each individual.

Blood tests/monitoring

Blood cholesterol screening is recommended to begin at age 35 for men and 45 for women.

Dental Health

Children's teeth development is usually delayed. Teeth are often missing, small or mis-shaped and overcrowding can occur due to a small oral cavity. Mouth breathing may lead to a fissured tongue and lips.

Periodontal disease (disease of the tissues that support and attach the teeth) can occur in adolescence leading to loss of teeth. Initial dental evaluation is recommended at age 2 years followed by regular dental checks every 6 months. Contact the dentist if any dental problems are identified out with routine appointments.

Dentists should always be informed of any heart condition to arrange any antibiotic cover as necessary due to drilling or extraction of teeth may allow bacteria in the mouth to enter the bloodstream, causing an endocarditis (infection in the heart).


Newborns frequently have (acrocynasis) blue coloured hands and feet for several days after birth due to decreased circulation. In addition cutis marmorata (bluish mottling of the skin) is a response of the capillaries of the skin being cool, it can last for several months longer in infants with Down's Syndrome.

Skin conditions listed below are common for people with Down's Syndrome, contact your paediatrician or GP who can aid diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.


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