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  1. photo of people

    Chemotherapy Medicine is given to patients because they have cancer. 

    Chemotherapy medicine helps to:

    Shrink cancer cells
    Kill cancer cells
    Stop cancer coming back

  2. photo of drip in arm

    Chemotherapy medicine can be given:

    By a drip

  3. photo of tablets

    By tablets

  4. photo of man speaking to doctor

    The doctor will tell you how many chemotherapy sessions you will have

  5. photo of hospital

    Chemotherapy can be given

    In Hospital

  6. photo of patient in outpatients

    As an outpatient

  7. photo of man in bed

    As an inpatient

  8. photo of house

    At home

  9. photo of man going to reception

    At hospital


    Go to reception and tell them your name

  10. photo of man sitting in waiting area

    Have a seat in the waiting area

  11. photo of nurse

    The nurse will call your name

  12. photo of nurse taking blood

    The nurse or doctor will take a blood test before your chemotherapy starts

  13. photo of house

    You can go home after your treatment is finished

  14. photo of hospital

    You may have to stay in hospital after your treatment

  15. photo of person being sick

    After your chemotherapy treatment

    You may feel sick


  16. photo of person sleeping

    You may feel tired and may want to sleep during the day

  17. photo of person constipated

    Feel constipated

  18. photo of food

    Do not feel like eating

  19. photo of mouth ulcer

    Have mouth ulcers

  20. photo of Sore painful skin

    Sore painful skin

  21. photo of hair falling out

    Your hair may fall out

  22. photo of person wearing cold cap

    Ask the nurse about ‘cold caps’

  23. photo of hair

    Your hair will grow back when your chemotherapy medicine is finished

  24. photo of person talking to doctor

    Talk to the nurse or doctor if you are worried of feel ill

  25. photo of 2

    For two days after you have had your chemotherapy medicine you should

  26. flush toilet

    Flush the toilet two times every time you use it

  27. photo of person putting bedding in washing machine

    All clothes and sheets should be washed on a long cycle


  28. photo of gloves and cloth

    Wear rubber gloves and use a cloth for any spills of

  29. photo of person wet

    • Urine

  30. photo of person with diarrheoa

    • Diarrhoea

  31. photo of person being sick

    • Vomit

  32. photo of gloves and bag

    Put the gloves and cloth into a plastic bag

  33. photo of bag and bin

    Tie the bag and put in the bin

  34. photo of person washing hands

    Wash you hands