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External Radiation

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  1. photo of people

    Radiation Therapy is given to patients because they have cancer.

    Radiation Therapy helps to

    shrink cancer cells

    kill cancer cells

    stop cancer coming back

  2. photo of person talking to doctor

    The doctor will tell you how many.

    Radiation Therapy sessions you will have.

  3. photo of hospital

    Radiation Therapy can be given:

    In Hospital

  4. photo of out patients

    As an out patient (Oncology Out Patient)

  5. photo of man in bed

    As an inpatient

  6. photo of person at reception

    At Hospital

    Go to oncology reception and tell them your name.

  7. photo of man in waiting area

    Have a seat in the waiting area.

  8. photo of nurse

    The nurse will call your name.

  9. photo of machine

    Radiotherapy can be given outside the body.

    It sends x-rays to the canser cells into the body.

    The machine will move.

  10. photo of person covering ears

    The machine is noisy.

  11. photo of person on bed

    You will need to lie on a bed.

  12. photo of person on bed

    You should not move.

    Nobody can be with you while you get your radiotherapy.

  13. photo of person listening to music

    You can bring your own music to listen to.

  14. photo of person relaxing

    Try and relax.

  15. photo of house

    You can go home after your treatment is finished.

  16. photo of hospital

    You may have to stay in hospital after your treatment.

  17. photo of person sleeping

    You may feel tired and may want to sleep during the day.

  18. photo of meal with a cross over it.

    Don't feel like eating.

  19. photo of sore looking skin

    Sore skin.

  20. photo of hair falling out

    Your hair may fall out of treated area.

  21. photo of person talking to doctor

    Talk to the nurse or doctor if you are worried or feel ill.

  22. photo of tummy

    After Radiotherapy

    To the Stomach & Pelvis you may feel

  23. photo of someone with dirrhoea

    Have diaarrhoea

  24. photo of someone in pain when peeing

    Pain when peeing

  25. photo of bottom

    Sore back passage.

  26. photo of person being sick

    May feel sick

  27. photo of food with cross over it

    Don't want food.

  28. photo of someone looking sad or worried

    Sad or worried.

  29. photo of person talking to doctor

    Talk to the nurse or doctor if you are worried or feel ill.

  30. photo of chest

    After Radiotherapy.

    To the chest you may feel

  31. photo of someone holding throat

    Difficulty swallowing.

  32. photo of person being sick

    Feel sick.

  33. photo of person holding chest

    Shortness of breath.

  34. photo of person talking to doctor

    Tell your doctor or nurse if you feel unwell.