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Internal Radiotherapy

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  1. photo of people

    What is it?

    Internal Radiation Therapy is given to patients because they have cancer.

    Internal Radiation Therapy helps to:

    Shrink cancer cells

    Kill cancer cells

    Stop cancer coming back

  2. photo of seed on finger

    The radiation can be hard like a seed and can be put into your body with needles.

  3. photo of pills

    The radiation can be a pill that you swallow.

  4. photo of hospital

    Where do I go?

    Internal Radiation is given in hospital.

  5. photo of women in hospital bed

    You might stay in hospital for a week.

  6. photo of entrance of hospital

    You might visit hospital then go home.

    You will have to visit about 10 times.

  7. photo of person talking to doctor

    Your doctor will talk to you about what will happen to you.

  8. photo of nurse checking blood pressure

    What will happen?

    A nurse will check that you are well and healthy.

  9. photo of jag

    The doctor might give you a jag or cream.

    This will mean you will not be able to feel anything.

  10. photo of needle

    A needle might be used to put the seeds of radiation into your body.

  11. photo of drip in arm

    A drip might be used to put the liquid radiation in your body.

  12. photo of pills

    You might be given a pill or a drink to put the radiation in your body.

  13. photo of warning sign

    Keeping Safe

    Radiation can be dangerous to other people.

    You and the doctors might have to help keep people safe by

  14. photo of bed

    You might have a room by yourself when in hospital

  15. photo of people around bed

    Nurses and doctors might stand away from you when they are talking to you or helping you

  16. photo of visitors at bed

    Your visitors might stand away from you when they come to see you in hospital

  17. photo of children

    Children can not visit you.

  18. photo of pregnant woman

    Women who are pregnant can not visit you.

  19. photo of someone feeling tired

    Side Effects.

    You might get some side effects from Internal Radiation Therapy.

    This can happen when you are having treatment.

    This can happen when you have finished treatment too.

    Side effects could be:

    Feeling tired

  20. photo of someone holding stomach

    Feeling sick

  21. photo of someone being sick

    Being sick

  22. photo of someone feeling sore

    Feeling sore

  23. photo of person talking to doctor

    Tell your doctor straight away if you have any of these side effects.

    Some side effects are more dangerous.

    These side effects only happen to some people.

  24. photo of someone with diarrhoea and bleeding

    Diarrhoea with bleeding

  25. photo of  a man with hand over mouth

    Forgetting things

  26. photo of a cross over woman holding child

    Not being able to have children