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Adults at Risk of harm

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  1. You could be harmed by a:


  2. Family member.

  3. Friend

  4. Neighbour

  5. Who can harm you


    Someone hitting you.

  6. Someone kicking you.

  7. Someone pushing or shaking you.

  8. Someone stopping you from going out.


    Someone keeping you locked in a room/home.

  9. Harm can be Sexual

    Making you have sex.

  10. Taking photos of your private parts.

  11. Making you look at sex DVD'S or photos.

  12. Getting you to do things for money or presents.

  13. Harm can be Emotional

    Someone making you sad.

  14. Someone making you scared.

  15. Someone leaving you alone for a long time.

  16. Harm can be Financial

    Someone taking or stealing your money.

  17. Someone not letting you have your money.

  18. Someone stopping you having things that are yours.

  19. Harm can be Neglect


    Someone stopping you seeing a doctor.

  20. Someone stopping you getting your medicine.

  21. Someone stopping you getting food or drink.

  22. Reporting Harm

    It is important to tell someone.

    You could tell:


    A friend



  23. A doctor or nurse.

  24. What will happen


    A social worker will:


    visit you and listen to what you have to say.


  25. Try to keep you safe.

  26. The social worker may need to speak to other people to help keep you safe:


    A doctor.

  27. The police.

  28. Advocacy workers/services.

  29. Where to go for information


    Airdrie 01236 757000

    Bellshill 01698 346666

    Coatbridge 01236 622100

    Cumbernauld 01236 638700

    Motherwell 01698 332100

    Shotts 01501 824700

    Wishaw 01698 348200

    Out of Hours 0800 1214 114


    Remember, the person causing the harm

  30.  Clydesdale 01555 637000

    East Kilbride 01355 807000

    Hamilton 01698 455400

    Larkhall 01698 884656

    Rutherglen & Cambuslang 0141 647 9977

    Out of Hours 0800 678 3282



    Remember, the person causing the harm

    could be doing it to others too.




    Some of the pictures used in this leaflet are Photosymbols.