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Bowel Screening

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  1. It is a test you do in your own home.

  2. The test kit comes,


    in the post.

  3. You will get the test kit when you are 50. On the month of your birthday.


    Then every two years, until the age of 74.

  4. If you still want to do the test after 74 phone 0800 0121 833 for the kit every two years.

  5. The test will look for any hidden blood in your poo.

  6. You only need to collect one sample of poo.

  7. The sample will be looked at under a microscope.

  8. The kit

  9. Read the information. Ask if you need help.

  10. Take the label from the front of your letter.

  11. Put the label on the stick at the + sign.

  12. You need a plastic tub and toilet paper.

  13. Keep the envelope to send back your sample

  14. When you need to go to the toilet.

    Put the plastic tub, with the toilet paper in to the toilet.

  15. Do not pee in the plastic tub.

  16. When you have your sample, take the plastic tub out of the toilet.

  17. Wash and dry your hands.

  18. Twist the top to open it.

  19. Take a small sample from your poo.

  20. Try to fill the two holes on the stick.

  21. Then put the stick into the kit.

    Close the kit.

  22. Empty the plastic tub into the toilet.

  23. Then flush.

  24. Put the plastic tub in the bin.

  25. Wash and dry your hands.

  26. Write the date when you do the test.

  27. Put the test kit into the envelope.

  28. Post as soon as possible.

  29. You will get a letter with your results about two weeks later.

    If everything is ok, you will get another kit in two years.

  30. If there is blood in your poo, you may need to go to hospital for more tests.

  31. Talk to your doctor if you are worried.