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Testicular Self Examination

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  1. photo of a group of men

    All men should regularly check their balls (testicles)

  2. photo of mans balls (testicles)

    Why should you check your balls (testicles)?

    It is important to check your balls (testicles) often for any changes.

  3. photo of man checking balls

    You may find a lump which could be an early sign of cancer.

  4. photo of months

    Check once a month.

  5. photo of home

    Where do I check my balls (testicles) ?

    At home

  6. photo of bedroom

    In your bedroom

  7. photo of bathroom

    In your bathroom.

  8. photo of man checking balls

    How should you check your balls (testicles)?

    Stand up if you can.

    Use your hands to feel your balls (testicles)

  9. photo of man holding balls

    Put your hands under your (testicles) feel their weight.

  10. photo of man with ball between thumb and finger

    Roll each one gently between your thumb and finger.

  11. photo of man checking for lumps

    Check for any lumps in your balls.

  12. photo of phone

    When should you call your doctor?

  13. photo of man in pain
    • If it is painful when your touch your balls (testicles).
  14. photo of one ball bigger than the other
    • If one ball (testicle) is much bigger than the other.
  15. photo of man checking for lumps
    • If you find any lumps.