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Prostate Examination

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  1. photo of a group of men

    Only men have a prostate gland.

    Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.

  2. photo of where prostate is

    The prostate is below your bladder inside your body.

    The prostate can change.

    Sometimes this may be due to cancer.

  3. photo of doctor

    A prostate examination is done by your doctor.

  4. photo of person having peeing

    Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Problems

    (Sometimes there are no symptoms)


    Finding it difficult to pee.

    Stopping and starting when having a pee

  5. photo of person's back

    Pain in your lower back

  6. photo of person peeing at night

    Needing to pee more often, especially at night.

  7. photo of person rushing to toilet

    Needing to rush to the toilet.

  8. photo of person dribbling on self

    Dribbling pee.

  9. photo of person with blood in their pee

    Blood in your pee.

  10. photo of person in pain when peeing

    Pain when pee'ing.

  11. photo of doctor


    The tests will help the Doctor decide why you are unwell.

  12. photo of someone having blood taken
    •  Blood Test.
  13. photo of toilet
    • A test of your pee (urine).
  14. photo of doctor

    Having a prostate examination

    The doctor will talk to you before he checks your prostate.

  15. photo of where prostate is

    The prostate is next to your back passage in your body.

  16. photo of screen at doctors

    The doctor will ask you to go behind the screen and pull down your trousers and pants down below your bottom.

  17. photo of examination table

    Then you will lie on the examination table on your side. Bring your knees up to your chest.

  18. photo of doctor putting on gloves

    The doctor will put on his rubber gloves.

    He will put gel on his glove.

    The gel might feel cold

  19. photo of doctor checking your prostate

    The doctor will put his finger into your back passage.

    This is to check the size of your prostate.

  20. photo of man

    It may be a little sore.

  21. photo of doctor

    If more tests are needed the doctor will let you know.