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Emergency Contraception

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  1. If women have sex without using contraception, (unprotected sex) they may get pregnant

  2. If you do not want to get pregnant

    There are two ways of preventing pregnancy after unprotected sex

    Morning After Pill

  3. EllaOne


  4. Morning After Pill (Levonelle and ellaOne)

    You can get the Levonelle tablet from the doctor or chemist

  5. You can take the Levonelle tablet within 72 hours (3 days)



  6. You can get the ellaOne tablet from the doctor (G.P.) or clinic

  7. You can take the ellaOne tablet within 120 hours (5 days)

  8. The nurse will help you to take the tablet before you leave the clinic and give you an appointment for 3 weeks

  9. You may feel unwell after taking the tablet

    If you are sick within 2hrs of taking the tablet

    Phone the doctor or nurse

  10. If you have sex before your next period use a condom

  11. Coil (IUD)

    The coil is a small plastic and copper device

  12. After the coil is fitted

    If your tummy is sore, you can take some tablets for the pain (Paracetamol)

  13. You may bleed for a few days

  14. Your next period may start as usual

    May be heavier or longer

    May be more painful

    This may improve after a few months

  15. Talk to the doctor if you are worried


    If you want to keep the coil as a long term contraception it can last for 5-10 years

  16. To get free condoms go to

    The doctor (G.P.) or clinic or chemist

  17. Or call 0300 303 0243 for your nearest centre