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Genital Herpes

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  1. What is Genital Herpes

    Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection (STI)

  2. If you have unprotected sex (have sex and do not use a condom) you may get genital herpes.

  3. The genital herpes virus can cause painful blisters and /or sores around your genitals or mouth

  4. Men and women can get genital herpes

  5. Some people do not show any symptoms so do not know they have it and can pass it on

  6. Itching, tingling, inflammation and discomfort in the inflected area

  7. General flu like symptoms, headaches and high temperature

  8. May develop spots or red bumps around the genital area which can be painful

  9. Other Symptoms

    These swellings can break open and form sores or ulcers which gradually crust over

  10. You may feel pain when peeing or when opening bowels

  11. Mild swelling of lymph glands in the groin, armpits and neck

  12. There are two types of virus


    The first episode may last 2-4 weeks

    Repeat episodes may not be as painful as first and you may never have a repeat episode


    Every episode may be painful

    You may never have a repeat episode


  13. How to Test

    A swab of your genital area will be taken by a nurse or doctor

  14. If the result is positive you will be given anti-viral tablets

  15. To get a test or treatment call

    0300 303 0251

  16. Where to go for information



  17. Your own doctor (GP).

  18. Lanarkshire GUM (genitourinary medicine) and Sexual Health Service.

    0300 303 0251

  19. To get free condoms go to your doctor (GP), clinic or chemist.

  20. Or call

    0300 303 0243