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Hepatitis A

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  1. Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver caused by different viruses

    The main differences between hepatitis A, B, and C are how you get them and how they make you feel

  2. You may not show any signs or symptoms of hepatitis

  3. How you can get Hepatitis A

    In any country where hygiene and sewage treatment standards are poor

  4. From food not cooked properly or eating raw food from people with poor personal hygiene

  5. From salads and fruit washed in dirty (contaminated) water

  6. From having sex which involves oral/anal contact

  7. How you can protect yourself from Hepatitis A

    Having a jag (vaccinated) against Hepatitis A

  8. By not eating food which is not cooked properly shellfish, raw salads, fruit, tap water, ice cubes and unpasteurised milk in high risk countries

  9. Lanarkshire HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis Centre

    01236 712247

  10. Where to go for testing

    Your own doctor (G.P)


  11. Lanarkshire GUM (Genitourinary medicine) and sexual health service

    0300 303 0251

  12. To get free condoms go to

    The doctor (G.P.) or clinic or chemist


  13. Or call 0300 303 0243 for your nearest centre