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Sexual Health Check Up

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  1. When should I have a regular check up

     If you have had unprotected sex (had sex and did not use a condom


  2. If you have a new partner

  3. Sometimes infections have no symptoms

  4. Where to get a check up

    Talk to your doctor.



  5. Visit the Sexual Health Clinic.

    You may not need to be examined.

    They can test for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, HIV and hepatitis.

  6. If you need help ask the nurse

  7. Men can give a urine sample ( provided they have not passed urine within the last hour)

  8. The doctor or nurse

  9. Can post a test kit for chlamydia or gonorrhoea to your home.

  10. Tests for Syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis

    The nurse or doctor can

  11. can take a blood sample.

  12. The nurse will contact you with results and make an appointment for you to have treatment and advice if needed.

  13. To get free condoms go to the doctor (GP), local clinic or chemist.

  14. Or call 0300 303 0243 for your nearest centre