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  1. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection If you have unprotected sex (did not use a condom) you may get syphilis from your partner
  2. Men and women can get syphilis
  3. Syphilis can be treated easily with antibiotic jags (injections)
  4. Signs & Symptoms Syphilis will go through three different stages if not treated First stage (10 days to six weeks) After first contact with infection You will usually see one small, round, painless, red sore This usually heals between 3 and 6 weeks You may have swollen glands near where the sore is

  5. Sometimes you may have a sore that you cannot see
  6. You should go and see your doctor for treatment If not treated the infection will develop into the second stage
  7. Second stage (1 week to 6 months after stage one) You will get a rash on your skin especially Palms of hands

  8. Soles of your feet

  9. Middle (abdomen)

  10. Headaches

  11. Aches & pains

  12. Fever
  13. Tiredness

  14. You may lose your hair
  15. Sometimes you do not have any symptoms but syphilis is still in your body ( latent period) A blood test will show up the syphilis infection

  16. Third Stage You may not show any signs or symptoms for years Syphilis May damage your brain

  17. and May damage your heart and other organs

  18. It may kill you if not treated

  19. To reduce the risk of getting syphilis use condoms when having sex.

    To get free condoms go to your doctor (G.p.) or local clinic or chemist.

  20. Or call 0300 303 0243 for your nearest centre