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The Coil

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  1. coils

    Coil (Intrauterine Device) & Mirena (Intrauterine System)


    Ther are two types of coils.

  2. Copper Coul (IUD)

    The coil is a small copper and plastic device.

    It contains no hormones.

    It can last between 5-10 years

  3. Mirena (IUS)

    Contains hormones.

    It can last for 5 years.


  4. The coil is put into your uterus(womb) by a doctor.

  5. The coil is very effective and can stop you having a baby.

  6. After the coil is fitted.

    Your tummy may be sore (cramping).

    Take some tablets (Paracetamol).

  7. You may bleed for a few days.

  8. Some women have headaches, mood changes and boobs (breasts) tenderness at first.

    This usually settles after a few months.

  9. Periods may stop, be heavier, or last longer.

    Periods may be more painful.

    This may improve after a few months.

  10. You can take other medicines.

  11. You should have a health check 6 weeks after having the coil fitted.

    Talk to your doctor or nurse if you are worried.

  12. Possible Problems

    The coil may fall out.

  13. The coil may make a hole (Perforate) in your womb.

  14. Sometimes you can get an infection. Usually in the first 3 weeks after the coil is fitted.


  15. You might have an Ectopic pregnancy (baby grows but not in womb).

    These problems are not common.

  16. Talk to your doctor or nurse if you are worried.

  17. To get free condoms go to the doctor (GP), local clinic or chemist.

  18. Or call 0300 303 0243 for your nearest centre.