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The Contraceptive Implant

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  1. Contraceptive Implant. The Implant is a small rod

  2. The doctor or nurse will give you a jag (injection) to numb the skin. The implant is put under the skin of your upper arm with a jag (injection)

  3. You sometimes see the implant and feel it in your arm

  4. The implant is very effective and can stop you having a baby
  5. The implant can stay in your arm for 3 years

  6. Using a condom can stop you getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI)
  7. Side Effects. Periods may stop, come at different times or last longer

  8. Some women have mood changes and boob (breast) tenderness

  9. Some women gain weight
  10. Some medicine may effect how your implant works
  11. When the implant is taken out. The doctor will make a small cut in your arm to take out the implant

  12. You can get pregnant, when the implant is taken out
  13. Your periods usually start again within the next 4 weeks

  14. Talk to your doctor or nurse about what new contraception you want to use
  15. To get free condoms go to the doctor (G.P.) or clinic or chemist

  16. Or call 0300 303 0243 for your nearest centre