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  1. photo of colon

    What is a Colectomy?

  2. photo of women speaking to doctor

    The doctor or nurse will talk to you about what type of operation you will need.

  3. photo of an operation

    The operation is carried out in hospital. You will be asleep when it happens. This is called a general anaesthetic.

  4. photo of woman in hospital bed

    You will then be taken up to the ward in hospital. You will have to stay here for about 10 days.

  5. photo of woman feeling sore

    After the operation.

    When you wake up you might be sore.

  6. photo of tablets

    Tell the doctor or nurse if you are sore. They will be able to give you medicine to take the pain away.

  7. photo of a machine

    You may be attached to a machine so that you can give yourself medicine.

  8. photo of drip in arm

    You may have a drip in your arm.

  9. photo of tube coming out body

    You may have a tube coming out the wound area to take any blood and fluid away from area.

  10. photo of stitches

    You may have stitches or staples.

  11. Photo of doctor talking to woman

    The doctor or nurse will tell you what you need to do when you go home.

  12. photo of woman sleeping

    At Home.

    You will need a lot of rest.

  13. photo of district nurse

    The district nurse will visit and check your wound.

  14. photo of person not being able to exercise

    You will not be able to do any exercise or lift anything.

  15. photo of phone

    Phone your doctor or nurse if you have any questions.

  16. photo of person with colostomy bag

    A Colostomy.

    After your operation, you might have a hole in your stomach with a bag joined to it.

  17. photo of stoma area

    This hole is called a stoma. It will be red and usually be above your belly button.

  18. colostomy bag

    The bag will catch poo from your body. It should not smell. A doctor or nurse will help you look after your bag.

  19. photo of person with colostomy bag

    Some people will have to keep using their pouch and hole all the time.

  20. photo of stoma area

    Some people may have another operation to take away the stoma and pouch.

  21. photo of doctor talking to a person

    The doctor will talk to you about this.