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  1. photo of womens vagina

    What is a colposcopy?

    A colposcopy is a test of your cervix. The cervix is inside your vagina.

    A colposcopy checks for any changes that may turn into cancer.

  2. photo of hospital

    A colposcopy happens at a hospital.

    You can usually go home when it is finished.

  3. photo of sanitory towel

    Before you go.

    You can not have a colposcopy if you are on your period.

    Tell your doctor if you are on your period.

  4. photo of a tampon

    For 1 day before you colposcopy appointment you can not

    • Use a tampon
  5. photo of couple
    • Have sex
  6. photo of creams
    • Use creams in your vagina
  7. photo of pants and trousers

    Having your Colposcopy

    You will have to take off your pants and your trousers.

  8. photo of lady on couch

    You will lie on a special couch. The couch will have supports for your legs.

  9. photo of syringe

    The doctor or nurse might make your vagina numb. They will use a spray or a jag. This will make the colposcopy more comfortable.

  10. photo of speculum inside vagina.

    The doctor or nurse will gently put a speculum inside your vagina.

  11. photo of vagina

    The doctor or nurse might put some liquid into your vagina. This helps them to see any changes. This should not be sore.

  12. photo of doctor looking inside a vagina

    The doctor or nurse will use a special camera to look inside your vagina.

  13. photo of sanitary towel

    Bring a sanitary towel to wear when your colposcopy is finished.

  14. photo of sanitary towel

    When it is finished you might have a brown or black discharge from your vagina. This is normal.

  15. photo of women in pain

    After the Colposcopy.

    Your vagina and tummy can be sore after your colposcopy. This is normal.

  16. photo of phone

    Phone the doctor if:-

  17. photo of someone feeling hot
    • You have a high temperature.
  18. photo of sanitory towel
    • You have lots of bleeding from your vagina.
  19. photo of a woman with sore tummy
    • You have a very sore tummy.
  20. photo of someone looking cold
    • You have chills, feeling very cold and shivery.