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  1. photo of someone taking biopsy

    What is a biopsy?

    A biopsy takes away some cells or tissues from your body.

  2. photo of microscope

    The cells or tissue are then looked at under a microscope.

  3. photo of punch biopsy

    Types of Biopsy.

    There are four types of biopsy

    1. A thick skin sample is taken away (punch biopsy)

  4. photo of shave excision

    2. A lesion sitting on top of the skin is taken away (shave excision).

  5. photo of excisional biopsy

    3. A whole lump is taken away (excisional biopsy).

  6. photo of aspiration biopsy

    4. A sample tissue or fluid is taken away (needle aspiration biopsy).

  7. photo of bed

    Where will I have the Biopsy done.

    You may be able to get the biopsy carried out at

    • Your doctor's
  8. photo of hospital
    • Or the hospital.
  9. photo of hairspray

    Do not wear hairspray, hair gel.

  10. photo of fingers and feet

    If you are having a biopsy on fingers or feet.

  11. photo of nail varnish

    Do not wear nail varnish.

  12. photo of reception

    On the day of trhe Biopsy.

    Go to reception and tell them your name.

  13. photo of person in waiting area

    Have a seat in the waiting area.

  14. photo of person in waiting area

    The nurse will call your name.

  15. photo of gowns

    You may have to put on a gown.

  16. photo of injection

    Having a biopsy

    You may get an injection to numb the area (local anaesthetic)

  17. photo of stitches

    You may need stitches

  18. photo of leaflet

    You will be given an information sheet on how to look after your wound.

  19. photo of medication

    You may need to take paracetamol for pain

  20. photo of cross across medicine

    Do not take aspirin or ibruprofen

  21. photo of microscope

    After your biopsy

    The cells or tissue are then looked at under a microscope.

  22. photo of phone

    You should phone your doctor.

  23. photo of wound

    If your wound area gets red and swollen.

    Bleeding from wound

  24. photo of doctor

    You will go back to your doctor to talk about the results.