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  1. photo of your colon

    What is a colonoscopy?

    A colonoscopy is a test that checks your colon (bowel) is healthy.

  2. photo of hospital

    A colonoscopy is done at hospital. Usually you can go home the same day.

  3. photo of food and drink

    Before you go to hospital

    Before your appointment you might need to

    • Eat and drink certain foods only.
  4. photo of man eating
    • Stop eating before your appointment.
  5. photo of drink and person on toilet
    • Take a special drink or tablets. These will make you go to the toilet.
  6. photo of person talking to doctor

    The doctor or nurse will tell you about this before your appointment.

  7. photo of gown

    What happens at my appointment?

    When you get to hospital, you will have to change into a gown.

  8. photo of person on side

    You will lie on a bed, on your side.

  9. photo of hand

    You will be given a jag in the back of your hand. This will make you feel sleepy.

  10. photo of person and camera

    The doctor will gently put a small camera up your bottom. The doctor might use gel on the camera and this will feel cold.

    You will feel the camera blowing air into your bottom. This is to help the doctor to see and should not be sore.

  11. photo of person holding nose

    Sometimes, you might need to fart. This is normal so don't feel embarrassed.

  12. photo of person saying stop with hand

    This might feel strange or sore. If you are uncomfortable ask the doctor to stop.

  13. photo of home

    The doctor will talk to you about the test results. Then you can usually go home.

  14. photo of cross through alcohol

    You will feel sleepy after the hospital. It is important to avoid alcohol for the rest of the day.