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CT Scan

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  1. CT Scans let us take pictures of the inside of your body and bones.

  2. You need to tell the receptionist your name and give them your referral form.

  3. You may need to sit in the waiting room until staff call out your name.

  4. For some CT scans you may need to put on a hospital gown.

  5. The radiographer will tell you what to do.

  6. You will need to lie down.
    A cloth belt will be put around your body.
    This helps you to lie still on the trolley.

  7. You may need to have an injection.
    You will need to stay in the hospital for one hour after your injection

  8. You will slide through the scanner on the trolley.
    The scanner makes a noise.
    When you go into the scanner it is very close to your face.

  9. This test takes about 5 minutes but you may be in the room for up to 30 minutes.