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Having an x-ray

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  1. X-rays let us take pictures of the inside of your body and bones.

  2. You need to tell the receptionist your name and hand in your referral form.

  3. You may need to sit in the waiting room until staff call out your name.

  4. For some x-rays you may need to put on a hospital gown.

  5. You will go from the changing room to the x-ray room.

  6. You may need to stand up,

  7. or you may need to lie down.

  8. The radiographer will tell you what they are doing.
    They will line up the x-ray machine to the part of your body they want to take a picture of.

  9. If you are worried, someone can stay with you.
    They will need to wear a protective apron.

  10. The radiographer will stand behind a screen to take the x-ray.

  11. They will tell you what to do after having your x-ray.