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Having your blood taken

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  1. photo of blood bottles

    Bloods can be taken by a nurse or doctor.

  2. photo of nurse talking to patient

    They will tell you why they want to take blood.

  3. photo of someone giving blood

    They will tie a thick band on your arm.

    The band may feel tight. It might feel sore.

  4. photo of nurse putting on gel

    They can put gel on your arm which can help with the pain.

  5. photo of man getting a needle into his arm

    They will put a needle into your arm.

    You will need to keep your arm still.

  6. photo of blood bottle

    Your blood will go into a blood bottle.

  7. photo of dressing

    They will take the band off your arm.

    They will put a plaster or dressing on your arm.

  8. photo of microscope

    They will send your blood to be tested.


  9. photo of doctor

    When the blood test is finished the nurse or doctor will talk to you.