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  1. photo of theatre room

    What is a Laporoscopy?

    An operation that allows the doctor to go inside your tummy this is called a Laparoscopy.

    The doctor uses a laparoscope to do the operation.

  2. photo of laparocope

    A laparoscope is a small flexible tube that contains a light source and a camera.

  3. photo of operation

    Having a Laparoscopy?

    The operation is carried out in hospital you will be a sleep (general anaesthetic).

  4. photo of operation

    The doctor cuts a small hole in the skin. The laparoscope is put through the hole.

    The doctor can then look inside the abdomen or pelvis.

  5. photo of gas in tummy

    Gas is used to make tummy bigger during the operation so the doctor can see inside your tummy better.

  6. photo of gas being taken out of tummy

    The gas is taken back out of your tummy before you wake up.

  7. photo of doctor speaking to woman

    After your Laparoscopy

    You will then be taken up to the ward.

    Doctor will discuss when you can go home.

  8. photo of a woman with sore tummy

    When you wake up you may have some pain.

  9. photo of medicine

    They will be able to give you medicine to take the pain away.

  10. photo of stitches

    You may get stitches.

  11. photo of doctor and nurse

    Tell the doctor or nurse

  12. photo of wound and blood

    If your wound area gets red and swollen.

    Bleeding from wound.

  13. photo of someone being sick

    You may feel sick for a day or two because of the gas.

  14. photo of house

    When Home.

    The doctor or nurse will tell you what you need to do when you go home.

  15. photo of district nurse

    The district nurse will come in and check how you are.

  16. photo of person exercising

    You will be able to do light exercise.

  17. photo of phone

    Phone your doctor or nurse if you have any questions.