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MRI scan

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  1. photo of MRI machine

    What is a MRI Scan.

    The MRI Scan takes pictures of inside your body.

  2. photo of person at reception

    When you go for a MRI Scan.

    Tell the receptionist your name and give her your referral letter.

  3. photo of person in waiting area

    Sit in the waiting room until staff call your name.

  4. photo of person getting a hospital gown

    You will need to put on a hospital gown.

  5. photo of no metal objects

    Take off all metal objects.

  6. photo of vagal nerve stimul

    Tell the radiographer if you have a pace maker or a vagal nerve stimulator.

  7. photo of radiographer

    You will need to lie on the table and try not to move for between 30 mins- 1 hour.

  8. photo of MRI machine

    The table will move backwards and forwards.

  9. photo of person holding ears

    The machine is noisy.

  10. photo of radiographer

    You can talk to the radiographer while you are having a scan.

  11. photo of doctor

    The Doctor will tell you the results.