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Breast Self Examination

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  1. photo of group of women

    All women should regularly check their boobs (breasts).

  2. photo of woman standing at mirror


    It is important to check your boobs (breasts) regularly. You will then notice changes in your boobs (breasts). You may find a lump which could be an early sign of cancer.

  3. photo of woman checking her breast

    How to check your boobs (breasts)?

    Feel around your boobs (breasts) in a circular movement.

  4. photo of woman checking nipple area

    Feel behind your nipple.

  5. photo of woman checking breasts

    You can look for any changes in your boobs (breasts) in the mirror.

  6. photo of woman looking in mirror with hands on hips

    Look in the mirror, put your arms on your hips and look at your boobs (breasts).

  7. photo of woman with arms in the air

    Put your arms above your head and look at your boobs (breasts).

  8. photo of inverted nipple

    What to look for

    A nipple that has changed-going in instead of out (Inverted nipple).

  9. photo of lump on breast


  10. photo of dimpling on breast


  11. photo of dripping from breast


  12. photo of redness on breast

    Redness, rash.

  13. photo of breast pain


  14. photo of one breast bigger than other

    One breast bigger than the other.

  15. photo of months

    When to check your boobs (breasts)?

    Try to check your boobs (breasts) at least once a month at the same time of the month. The best time is 1 week after your period.

  16. photo of house

    Where do we check our boobs (breasts)?

    This can be done in private in your own home.

  17. photo of women on bed checking breast

    On your bed

  18. photo of woman in shower checking breast

    In your shower

  19. photo of phone

    If you find any changes in your boobs (breasts), phone your doctor for an appointment.