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Going for a cervical smear

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  1. group of women

    All women aged 25 to 60 years are asked to go for a smear test.

  2. photo of womens vagina

    What is a smear test?

    A smear test is a check of your cervix which is inside your vagina. It checks for any changes that may turn into cancer.

  3. photo of letter

    You will receive a letter to make an appointment at your doctors.

  4. photo of sanitory towel

    You can't get a smear done if you have your period.

  5. photo of a skirt

    What will I wear?

    It will be easier if you wear a skirt.

  6. photo of trousers

    You can wear trousers instead.

  7. photo of pants

    It is best to wear clean pants.

  8. photo of nurse

    Having your smear test.

    A nurse or female doctor will do the smear.

  9. photo of women with doctor

    You will go into the nurse or doctor's room and they will ask questions about your health.

  10. photo of woman on couch

    You will be asked to take off your pants, then lie on the couch.

  11. photo of lady saying stop

    If you want to stop tell the nurse at anytime.

  12. photo  of speculum

    The nurse will use a speculum

  13. photo of speculum in vagina

    The nurse will gently put the speculum inside your vagina.

  14. photo of soft brush

    She will use a soft brush to get some cells from your cervix inside your vagina.

  15. photo of pot

    These cells will  be put in a pot and sent away to be tested.

  16. photo of sanitary towel

    There may be some bleeding after this has been done.

  17. photo of woman holding stomach

    You may have some cramp.

  18. photo of a report

    You can then go home. The results will be sent to your house.

  19. photo of letter

    After a few weeks you will get a letter with the results.

  20. photo of thumbs up

    If your smear test is okay, you will have another one done in 3 years.

  21. photo of thums down

    Sometimes the test doesn't work and may need to be done again. If something is wrong it may need to be done again.

  22. photo of a phone

    Make an appointment with your doctor.